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Bear Observation

Summer activities

Prices : Rate : 30.00$ per person, taxes included

Animal totem to several Amerindian nations, he represents the strength, the introspection and the strength of the soul. Even today, several tales, legends and rites revere this sacred animal.

Black bear! This mythical mammal fascinates people for a long time. Curious and cunning, the black bear is considered to be among the most intelligent animals. The black bear observation, an activity which will stay in your memories, a privileged meeting allowing you to see him in action in its natural housing environment.

Every evening, from the middle of May till mid-October, an experimented guide accompanies you in forest up to a shelter which will allow you to observe the black bear in complete safety. The guide can informed you about the behavior and the habits of this magnificent animal. You will observe him while this big gourmand feeds. A guide will beforehand have been enticed the bear in the same place and at the same time to increase your chances of observation.

Total duration: around 1h30

Minimum : 6 pers

Maximum : 40 pers

Age: 5 years old and more (because : a child less than 5 years has more difficulty staying calm and in the silence during a complete hour, it could lessen the success of the activity.)

Time of the year: May (beginning around the 20st) till October (ending around the 20st)