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Beaver observation

Summer activities

Prices : Rate : 15.00$ per person , taxes included

The beaver is one of bigger rodents of North America and the world. Thickset and plump, the beaver moves slowly and is awkward on the ground. However, it is not the case in the water. There, the beaver is a skillful and very graceful swimmer under the water as on the surface. He sees as well under the water as on dry land. The beaver is an outstanding builder. His construction depends on the place where he lives: he can built by dikes, huts and impressive channels.

No other animal had a so big influence on the history of Canada as the beaver. When the Europeans began to become established in the northern regions of North America, the skins of beaver represented the attraction which urged them to sink more and more profoundly into the territory. The beaver is now the national emblem of Canada and we pay him tribute on postage stamps, coins and badges. Besides, hundreds of lakes, of cities, of rivers and of hills bear the name of this remarkable rodent.

Every day at midday, a guide accompanies you near a house of beaver and he will try to make him go out and will try to make him approach with some young branches well appreciated by the beaver. You can observe it while he nibbles some branches which the guide offers him.

Duration: 45 minutes
Minimum : 6 pers
Time of the year: May to October