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Rabaska and Beaver ’s ecosystem

Summer activities

Prices : Tarif : 25.00$ per person, taxes included

The rabaska was a big Algonquian bark canoe. The Amerindians used the rabaska to move, go hunting and to trade.

Adopted by the French and Canadian explorers in the XVIIth century then by the travelers, he allowed colony settlement to be formed everywhere in North America. The rabaska measures approximately 6 meters long and is very wide. He can sit up to 10 rowers. The rabaska has quickly became the boat of the fur traders because of its load capacity.

Paddle on the lake Otter aboard a Rabaska and travel along its banks with a passionate guide who will share his knowledge on the flora and fauna surrounding the lake. Discover the ecosystem of one of the biggest builder of the forest "The beaver", his huts, his dam as well as the landscape created by his installations. The beaver uses three general criteria to choose the location of its dam. He needs trees to feed himself, a source of tap water and the topography convenient to a pond.

Duration: 1h30

Minimum 6 persons

Age: 3 years minimum

Time of the year: from middle of May to October