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Visit of the peat bog

Summer activities

Prices : Rate : 20.00$ per person, taxes included

The formation of a peat bog can go back up until approximately 10 000 years, that is at the end of the last glaciations. The peat bogs of our region are especially peat bogs with sphagnum and are formed following the retreat of a glacier who leaves behind him cracks or shallow holes. These cracks fill with water and a moss of the name of sphagnum settles down at the edge of these ponds. This moss grows and form little by little vast carpets. To walk in a peat bog is a unique experience: the "ground" is spongy and sinks under our feet. A particular vegetation used to a very acid and very wet environment, settles down there: cornflowers, cranberries, orchids, sarracenies and very other. In the drier places, conifers settle down, but remain small due to the extreme conditions.

Your guide, will explain to you about the flora and fauna surrounding this environment. See among others, the moss of absorbent sphagnum and its properties, until 20 times his weight, Labrador tea with soothing properties, a carnivorous plant, the yew of Canada which is used as ingredient for several medicine among others for the cancer and much more.

Duration : 1h30

Minimum : 6 persons

Time of the year: Starting in May till October