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Visit of the Sugar Shack and Trapping

Summer activities

Prices : rate : 28.75$ per person, taxes included

Visit of the Sugar Shack

The discovery of the maple syrup! There are two versions on how the sap of maple was discovered by the Amerindians.

One’s tell us that it would be the dogs of the Amerindians that would have broken a branch of maple and would have crowded to lick the sap which flowed of the tree. By observing them, the Amerindians decided to taste it. The second version, the most popular, tell us that it would be a squirrel who ran in a tree and broke abruptly a branch and began licking the sap of the tree. An Amerindian who saw him decided to do the same and was surprised by a tree which cries …… sugar!

A thing is sure: the history of the products of maple is profoundly connected to the history of Quebec.

The commented visit takes place in our sugar shack where a guide will explain to you our methods of collecting the sap of maple and the transformation of the sap in syrup. The guide will present the equipment’s used, as well as the explanations on the phenomenon of casting the sap of maple. Maples with sugar, red and silvery, which we collect the sap of maple from. The icy temperatures of the winter, followed by the rise in temperature in spring, allow the sap to flow and to be collected. Your guide will share with you the stories and the traditions of the Quebecers during this activity. The activity wouldn’t be complete without a small tasting of maple syrup, question to exhilarate your papillae.

Trapping Initiation

The trapping of fur-bearing animals is an integral part of the history of Quebec. The environmental protection and the fauna is one of the qualities that any trapper has to possess. Your guide will give you an overview of what is the trapdoor, which animals are trap, which kind of trap is used, etc. You can see the functioning of certain traps, as well as touched some furs.

Total duration : Around 1h30 

Minimum : 6 pers

Maximum : 30 persons

Age : For all

Time of the year: All year