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The Lac Blanc Outfitter Restaurant

Salade tiède à Gaston
Club à la truite et poutine
Entrée de truite fumée
Magret de canard
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    Dining Room

    Our dining room offers a meal in a friendly and country atmosphere. The dining room can accommodate 90 persons. She lives to the rhythm of each day! Having a dynamic atmosphere in the morning and at lunch time; it relaxes in the evening to offer you a warm and enveloping atmosphere allowing you to savor the present moment!

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    Private Lounge

    Looking for an intimate place to meet? Imprinted with a warm atmosphere, our beautiful private lounge with fireplace will allow you to set the tone for your meal.

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    Bar / Relay

    Looking for a place to warm up or simply stretch out before heading back to the trails? We will be pleased to welcome you in the comfort of our bar.
    Large armchair, wood fireplace atmosphere, smiling and friendly staff, bistro or gourmet menu, your expectations will be met.

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    Whether in the morning to enjoy the sunrise over a coffee or during the day to take a break from all these activities that are available to you, our terrace will allow you to enjoy your holidays and the goods of the Sun.

    Accessible throughout the summer season, you can enjoy, drink, relax and even dream at any time of the day.

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    Table d'hôte

    Every night, come and discover our table d'hôte; created according to the season, it overflows with dishes as creative as tasty.

    You'll find a hearty three-course service including chef-inspired soup, a choice of main course from fish, white meat and red meat, as well as seafood; all ending with an evening dessert with coffee or tea. Add a cold or hot starter, including the smoked lake trout entry on mesclun's nest.

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    Wine Menu

    To make a fascinating wine trip, why not come and discover our brand new wine list that offers bottles from the most renowned names in the world: Bordeaux, Mendoza, Tuscany, Burgundy, Napa Valley, Ribera del Douro, Piedmont and much more ...!

    Do not hesitate to ask our sommelier who will know how to marry our succulent dishes made with passion and the wines carefully selected from our cellar.


Chef Charles Pellerin has a very personal conception and approach to what must be on the plate of the outfitter's guests.


"As a prerequisite to the role of chef or cook, we must be able to apply the basics of hygiene and always choose high quality foods. When this initial step is accomplished, one can evolve, develop one's style and reinvent the classics. To do this, it is essential to know how to surround yourself, to be open-minded, to eat in other establishments, to read, to travel, to update yourself, to think outside the box and be up to date. I always keep in mind that a dish made using the least possible industrial devices and using a maximum of home products, retains its authenticity and great naturalness. Customers taste it, see it and feel it when the heart and the freshness are at the rendezvous.

That's why we do not compromise on the selection of what we buy and we grow a garden where the majority of our herbs that can be found in our dishes grow, as well as several varieties of edible flowers. I must also mention that the trout is local and of incomparable freshness.

At the base, the French gastronomy is the one to which I am most attached, on the other hand, as we wish to evolve and stand out, more and more products and aromas from other types of cuisine are integrated into our dishes . We are looking for taste, flavors and textures that, in addition to being succulent, will surprise and charm the senses. The balance is the marriage of spices and ingredients that form a perfect symbiosis. "