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Sustainable Development

Tourism and Sustainable development

The challenge of eco-responsible tourism is knocking at our doors. The push to provide responsible travel comes from our customers, suppliers and government partners. We must be proactive in the field of sustainable development because it is becoming an essential element of choice for the various clienteles. Our sustainability goals must meet travellers' requirements, for example recycling, because customers are now adamant about eco-responsible travel. In the field of charging stations, this is becoming a criterion for choosing one establishment over another for travelers who prioritize sustainable tourism.

Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc is proud to be a member of Tourisme Durable Québec.





For 10 years, the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc has achieved several of its sustainable development objectives by carrying out numerous actions related to eco-responsible tourism.


Here are the major sustainable development actions that have been carried out in this regard:


  • Construction of infrastructures relating to the hostel and the aquatic center in accordance with the construction rules in force;
  • Installation of an air exchanger and heat recovery system in the Aquatic Center;
  • Change of the water supply system in the hostel;
  • Construction of a purification field and septic tanks with cutting-edge technology from Bionest (company located in the Shawinigan region);
  • Installation of a controllable thermostat in the hostel building
  • Installation of recovery bins and containers;
  • Installation of a solar energy system in the Rustic cottage to replace the propane one that had existed for 25 years;


  • Change of our 20 2-stroke snowmobiles for 4-stroke snowmobiles which resulted in a 50% reduction in fuel consumption and 90% in oil consumption;
  • Development of partnerships with certified fish farmers who offer quality fish according to high standards;
  • Purchase of non-motorized natural nautical equipment such as kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, pedal boats, rowboats and we always have electric motors for fishermen.


  • Introduction of the law on pay equity;
  • Introduction of a policy on sexual and psychological harassment;

In a desire to raise its sustainable development standards much higher, the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc undertook in 2021, the Green Key certification process. Today, the various levels of government, our partners, our suppliers and our customers ask us to surpass ourselves to achieve high sustainable development objectives and that is what we are doing by constantly improving our practices to offer eco-responsible experiences. 


This process is made up of 10 elements:

  1. Compliance with Laws;
  2. Planning, design, construction, renovation, operation, demolition of buildings and infrastructure;
  3. Property, land and water rights;
  4. Employment rights;
  5. local communities;
  6. Water and waste water;
  7. Waste and harmful substances;
  8. Pollution;
  9. Wildlife and natural ecosystems;
  10. Renewable energy.


In order to achieve its sustainable development objectives, the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc entered into a partnership in December 2021 with Taiga Motors and 2 other companies from the MRC of Maskinongé, to become one of the first place in the world where there will be charging for electric snowmobiles. Four operational charging station are now accessible for its clientele.


The Pourvoirie du lac Blanc is continuing to implement its sustainable development plan and will also be testing these electric snowmobiles. The Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc plans to have electric snowmobiles in its fleet by winter 2024.


In keeping with its sustainable development objectives, the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc will install charging stations for cars in cabin accommodations starting in 2022.