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At the Lac Blanc Outfitter, it gets a nibble anytime!

Speckled Trout

The Lac Blanc Outfitter offers you 10 lakes for speckled trout fishing in Canada. Whether in accommodation or for the day, we make sure that your fishing experience is memorable.  Our speckled trout of 10 to 14 inches abound in all our lakes thanks to a regular ensemencement which marry perfectly with the natives specimens of our facilities. Our saying at the Lac Blanc Outfitter, "It bites all the time! ‘’ makes sense.

Rate : $95,00 plus taxes per person (Quota of 10 Speckled Trout)

*Quota not guaranteed*

Schedule :

 7 AM to 7PM

Rainbow Trout (3 to 5 pounds)

Do you dream of fishing rainbow trout of 3 to 5 pounds? Do not search further, the Lac Blanc Outfitter in Canada, has what you’ve been looking for! Our famous Lac Roche awaits you to realize your dream. By flying or line fishing, seize your chance to go home with one of these colossus. Book now your 3-hour block on our lake, available for spring to autumn.

Rate : $95,00 plus taxes per person (Quota of 2 Rainbow Trout of 3 to 5 pounds)

*Quota not guaranteed*

Schedule :

7 AM to 10AM | 10 AM to 1PM | 1PM to 4 PM| 4 PM to 7 PM

Pike and Smallmouth Bass Fishing

*NEW FOR 2023!*

Would you like to try a different type of fishing at the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc? It’s now possible to fish pike and smallmouth bass on the Lac Blanc. Prepare your fishing rod and enjoy a beautiful sunny day on one of our rowboats or on one of our pontoons!

The release of fish is mandatory on this lake.

Price: $75.00 plus tax per person

Hours: 7AM to 7PM

Speckled Trout of 2 to 4 pounds

Are you looking for a fishing day in Quebec, Canada that will wow your family or friends? Try your luck on our Lac Théo where you can fish for 2 to 4 pounds speckled trout. These magnificent trout will be the talk of your loved ones for years to come. Book your 3-hour block now, available from spring to fall.

Rate: $90,00 plus taxes per person (Quota of 2 Speckled Trout of 2 to 4 pounds)

*Quota not guaranteed*

Schedule (Block of 3 hours) :

 7 AM to 10AM / 10 AM to 1 PM / 1PM to 4 PM / 4 PM to 7 PM

Ice Fishing

You like fishing? Have you ever tried ice fishing? In Québec, we have the chance to walk on water during the winter, why not take this opportunity to go fishing? Ice fishing speckled trout results will be just as memorable as your results in the summer; the quantity and quality are waiting for you under the ice.

Rate : $95,00 plus taxes per person (Quota of 10 speckled trout ; Tip-Up included)

*Quota not guaranteed*

Schedule  : 

December to March : 7 AM to 5PM

Equipment and Services

You forgot something at home or you need the proper equipment to make your fishing trip memorable? The Lac Blanc Outfitter has many items available for rent or for sale. You can add them during your reservation or upon your arrival on the site.


Equipment available for rent:




  • Rowboat : $22,00 plus taxes (included if you are in accommodation )
  • Electric Motor (battery included): $ 36,00 plus taxes
  • Battery only: $24,00 plus taxes
  • Fishing Rod : $17,00 plus taxes
  • Life Jacket : $6,00 plus taxes
  • Net: $6,00 plus taxes

Items available for sale



  • Earthworms Box (15 big worms): $7,39 plus taxes
  • Cooler (styrofoam): $14,00 plus taxes
  • Ice: $4,80 plus taxes
  • Quebec Fishing License: We can issue fishing license on site (resident and non-resident)
  • Flies, Rapala, Trolling Spoon, Swivel, Hook : Available at our shop

Services Available

Evisceration: $13,50 taxes included

  • Valid for a quota of 10 speckled trout or for a quota of 2 rainbow trout of 3 to 5 pounds or for a quota of 2 speckled trout of 2 to 4 pounds

Fishing guide

Take the opportunity to discovers the wonders of fishing with one of our dynamic guides

  • $395,00 plus taxes for half day (about 4 hours)
  • $595,00 plus taxes for a day (about 8 hours)

*Available upon reservation